Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Airport hopping

But only to visit the master, not the servants. :(

Typing this sitting in Helsinki airport, waiting for my connecting flight to London, and further on to Reading, where I'll be spending most of this week doing something that might remotely resemble work.

Got a message from the NZ bureaucrats on Friday: it seems they lost my visa application and are now looking for it with the very best of their tracking sheep. No word of the x-ray report I sent them 3 weeks ago -- guess they never even received that one. I have given up trying to hurry this thing up, really, and wouldn't mind the long wait...

...but it's just that I'm homeless now.

My lease on my apartment ended and I moved out last weekend, now living here and there with whoever has enough extra space to store me in for a night or two. Perhaps I should do like that Japanese guy in Mexico, squatting for several months in the airport, living on scraps and media attention. On a positive note the friends who took all my stuff seem to be genuinely enjoying them.

(I did keep the apartment for 1 extra month, well prepared to pay for an empty place, thinking that it would be a buffer long enough in case of delays. Little did I know the extend and true power of general incompetence.)