Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Airport hopping

But only to visit the master, not the servants. :(

Typing this sitting in Helsinki airport, waiting for my connecting flight to London, and further on to Reading, where I'll be spending most of this week doing something that might remotely resemble work.

Got a message from the NZ bureaucrats on Friday: it seems they lost my visa application and are now looking for it with the very best of their tracking sheep. No word of the x-ray report I sent them 3 weeks ago -- guess they never even received that one. I have given up trying to hurry this thing up, really, and wouldn't mind the long wait...

...but it's just that I'm homeless now.

My lease on my apartment ended and I moved out last weekend, now living here and there with whoever has enough extra space to store me in for a night or two. Perhaps I should do like that Japanese guy in Mexico, squatting for several months in the airport, living on scraps and media attention. On a positive note the friends who took all my stuff seem to be genuinely enjoying them.

(I did keep the apartment for 1 extra month, well prepared to pay for an empty place, thinking that it would be a buffer long enough in case of delays. Little did I know the extend and true power of general incompetence.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cof^H^H^HEspresso break

Having a little break from having a little break from work; I'm reaching Nick Knatterton levels of efficiency here. :)

It seems captain Kirk shares my sentiments on the new trailer.

Also, this little piece on how to eat sushi was awesome years ago and it's still awesome today.

(no news on my visa. I shall write them a stern letter, that'll teach'em)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Three weeks after the last update, and I still don't know.

At least I have submitted all thezzzzzztttt-----

-----ttthhand the new trailer for J.J.Abrams's take on Star Trek really has me wondering. I mean, CGI is always yay for me, but that single instance of "My name is James Tiberius Kirk!"is forcing me to shift to another mental gear for this one, the same I use for watching Michael Bay movies...

And to my surprise, Yahtzee actually seems to like Fallout 3! There probably is something in the water, but this game is now rather high on my to-do list for the next summer.

This is pretty old, but it had me laughing way backkkhh-----hhuh?


Did I just make a blog entry?

The hell? I hate blogs! Well, at least the pointless, masturbatory ones, like that very list I see above these lines right now, the one that for some reason I can't seem to be able to delete!

That visa, once it arrives, will be my personal rapture from this stale limbo, where my life consists mostly of work and trolling the internet for crums of information to absord, digest and regurgitate.

It's playing the waiting gaaaiiimmmmzzzztt-----

-----ttkkhhhcurrent mood: need more chocolate.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beauty is not meant to last, alas...

Here's a photo my friend took in a park close to my apartment, when the autumn colors were in full blaze, barely one month ago:

And here is a photo I took in the same place today:

That is all. :/

Friday, October 31, 2008

Can it now be cranks up the CO2 emissions time pleas?

While flying somewhere over Poland a few days back, the pilot suddenly announced that we were going to be late from our destination, since there was a bit of a headwind outside, slowing us down. Nothing too bad, just 300+ km/h.

In Italy it was raining horizontally and lightning flashes filled the skies, though the temperature hung above 20 degrees every day. ("No, I don't want to buy your stupid umbrella, mr. street vendor #502. The water is coming in from all directions! What? Oh, really? Only 5 euros? Well, you see that bar over there? How about I go in there and give that money to the nice gigolo guy behind the counter instead and wait the storm out nurturing a pint of Guinness?") Returning to Finland last night I found out that the winter had let itself in while I had my back turned. It's a blizzard-land out there right now, and even though it makes some of my more winter sports oriented colleagues feel funny in their pee-pee place, I rather curl up in my cozy living room sofa, enjoy a wee bit of Bailey's and read Charles Stross's Halting State, a novel that a geek like me really cannot not like.

It seems that I missed my shot at evading the white, cold stuff this year. Oh well.

Also, business meetings in Italy are pretty much like this.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

All the wrong destinations

Business trips are a lot like relationships. You miss them, when you haven't had any for a while, but when you do, you suddenly remember again, why you stopped having them in the first place.

I found myself a flu, which means that whenever a plane lands (with me on it), my ears start bleeding. Between the trip to the capital I just returned home from half an hour ago and the trip to Rome I'm departing for two days from now, I have six cases of let's-suddenly-drop-down-from-12-kilometers-wheeeee marked on my schedule. Good times.

Oh, and my departure to New Zealand has been pushed back to late November-ish. I am mostly okay with it, as I now have more time to finish everything on the home front, but it also means that I'll have to move my long-planned holiday in Japan from the start of this journey to its end, sometime in early June next year. Fakku desu.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Me: "Hello?"
She: "Blah blah blah it purchases a new internet connection mega discount package?"
Me: "No."
She: "Sure? It's every bit as shitty as your current connection, just more expensive. Promise."
Me: "I'm moving out from my apartment."
She: "So you use smoke signals in your new place?"
Me: "New place behind a big ocean."
She: "Holy shit."
Me: "Yes."
She: "Bye then, you glorious stud." *click*

From Finland to New Zealand.
It's like Doctor Snuggles' digging machine's controls jammed and it burrowed right through the planet.
With me on board.
lolNZ, the proud son of lolChina.
I'm very bad at settling down, it seems.
Departure delayed once already, current estimate: 15.11.2008.

Stay tuned to piggyback on my unreasonably critical record on things that I step on on the way.