Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sydney - The Week in Pictures

Got a hotel in a very convenient location in Sydney, right next to the central railway station, bus station and Chinatown (yay for dim sum), 10 minutes' walk from Darling Harbor and Hyde Park.

8 nights in town, plenty enough to browse through the main tourist activities as well as leave some downtime to enjoy a good book. It's supposedly winter here now, but since the daytime temperatures are closer to 20 degrees than 10, it's just right for spending most of the days out and about.

Not really much to complain, so how about just some pictures?

Sydney skyline.

Sydney skyline during sunset.

Opera building and Harbor bridge.

Opera building from the bridge.

Night view from the other side.

The city monorail. Doesn't really go anywhere, just does a little circle around the downtown for tourists.


Interesting piece in the skeleton room of the Australian Museum.

Bats in the botanic gardens. Very. Loud. Little. Bastards.

Touristy beaches are not so touristy during stormy seas. Only some crazy surfers around.

Pretty cliffs. Also the number one suicide spot in Sydney, if not all of Australia.

Lounging kangaroos.

Kangaroo on my plate.

Koala, I think they call this one.

In Sydney Aquarium, this stingray just floated out over me all of sudden. It's 3-4 meters wide, I guess. 

Shark dude.

Om-nom-nom, I'm a dugong and I love my salad.

Colorful jellyfish.

Blue Mountains, 2 hours from Sydney central by train. Charles Darwin was impressed by this view, when he visited the place.

3 Sisters.

That green stuff is actually the treetops 300 meters below me.

Right, back to Finland tomorrow, 27-hour trip in total. Not sure if looking forward to.